Lawn care

Lawn care consists of line trimming, edging, bagging and disposal. Lawns that are in poor health we elect to mulch in an effort to avoid any further damage. All residential lawns are cut at a 2" height unless otherwise directed. We do not offer a bi-weekly lawn service for residential lawns, however, we only service lawns that need to be cut. At times, during periods of drought or cool tempratures where the lawn has become dormant we may decide to pass. If this occurs, a service note will be left in your mailbox.

Leaf removal service

Our residential leaf removal service consists of one pass of shredding and one pass of picking them up. The bill rate is twice the lawn rate. For lawns that have more severe leaf coverage, the bill rate is $55.00. Both services include disposal.

Snow removal service

Residential snow removal consists of the removal of 1" or more of snow. We do not remove slush. We do offer services for the removal of 1" or less per request. This is typically accomplished ny the use of salts or ice melts. The billing rate is typically $35.00 per 100 linear feet. Commercial snow removal consists of the removal of 2" or more of snow unless otherwise directed. These are contracted services that consists of negotiated prices and services. Please call for a quote.


All landscape projects require half down and balance due upon completion. Our plant life guarantee consists of one replacement in the rare event that a or plants die. There is a one year guarantee on workmanship and materials. New landscapes consisting of plant life require two weeks of daily watering natural or by city water. Avoid flooding areas. We do offer a landscape design service at $35.00 an hour. For the unfamiliar with landsscaping I strongly suggest this service.

All Season Packages

All season packages are available for both residential and commercial customers. Our packages offer economical A-Z services at a discounted rate. They are great for professionals on the run, retiree's and commercial businesses that want more of a one stop shop provider.